How much will your stained glass horse panel cost?



Stained glass is affordable!

An equine themed hanging panel makes a unique, beautiful gift for the horse-lover in your life.

The cost of a GlassWish Equine Window or Hanging Horse Panel

How much will a CUSTOM stained glass equine window or panel cost?
There are many variables to consider, such as:

That said, you can generally get an idea of cost by using a square foot formula:
  1. Multiply: Length x Width (in inches)
  2. Divide Result by: 144
  3. Muliply Result by: $150-200 depending upon the pattern chosen
  4. Custom pieces would then have an additional artwork design charge

For Example:
A stained glass panel 18 x 24 inches could cost approximately $400-500, depending on the complexity of the custom design and number of pieces required. A custom design would have an additional artwork charge.

NOTE:Guaranteed price given upon commission of project.

Shipping: The above excludes shipping charges.


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