Capturing the beauty and gracefulness of the Arabian Horse in glass has been a challenge. I don't believe any attempt to represent the horse can do it true justice - the horse is truly a gift from God, the creator.



This piece was created using the copper foil method. I applied patina to darken it, giving it an antique finish.

Zinc border and chain added for hanging .



Stained Glass Arabian Horse in show costume

I have admired the arabian horse for decades - and was once the proud owner of a beautiful arab gelding. Although I love all breeds, there is something so breathtaking about the arabian horse with it's dished face and flag tail.

This would make a beautiful accent piece for your home or a wonderful gift for the horse-lover in your life. Plan ahead for Christmas or birthday ... anniversary ...

Arabian Horse Art in Stained Glass
Finished piece with early morning sun behind it. Would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the horse lover in your life.

This piece has been sold.
Special order with colors of your choice!
$350 plus $30 crating, shipping and insurance (Continental US).

Arabian Horse Art in Stained Glass Gifts
Stained Glass hanging panel shown with chain for hanging.Hanging Stained glass horse panel Cream color glass shown in border below, with low light behind it.
Border of Arabian horse shown close up


Arabian Horse Head in glass
Arabian horse glass cut


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